Washington Post Gives Platform To Russian Surrogate

1. The Podesta Group (John & Tony) lobbies for Russian state-owned bank Sberbank…

Here’s the Senate filing:

Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank, and the Russian government owns a majority of the company
(thus the bank essentially is  “Russia” proper)

Even Salon pointed out the conflict of interest back in April of 2016

2. John Podesta is a close confidant of the Clintons

3. John Podesta now writes for The Washington Post

(announced Feb 23rd 2017)


BONUS THROWBACK: John Podesta fell for a phishing attack

… and types his own email password into a malicious alert to update his password…


Best comment yet…


Clinton-Connected Lobbying Firm Registers As Foreign Agent Of Pro-Putin Ukrainian Group

and an update to that, 5 YEARS LATE!!!