Partial List of CNN Fake News (Each With Video Proof)

CNN fakes interview and interviews own cameraman:

CNN Claims missing Airplane Disappear into Black hole::

CNN fakes being at sandy hook, green screen screw up:

CNN fakes being in Middle east during gulf war:

CNN gives Clinton debate questions:

CNN fakes story to make BLM look good, ignores call to violence:

CNN fakes satellite feed when two reporters are in the same parking lot:

Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After CNN fakes Statistics

CNN Fakes racist pepe image

CNN Green screen fail, pretends to be on a boat

CNN fakes popularity numbers

CNN Media Manipulation

CNN fakes crowd Sizes

CNN lying about use of a song?

CNN and others faking and manipulating words for narraitve.

CNN cutting mic for saying Jesus:

CNN Cuts mic when trump calls out their lies:

CNN cuts feed when Wikileaks is mentioned :

CNN Cuts Bernie Sander’s mic when he calls them fake news

CNN Pushing Russia Conspiracy

CNN misleads about Trump officials contact with Russia

CNN feeding into russia conspiracies, claims russia hacking without evidence

CNN claiming Russan hacking to undermind Trump:

CNN uses Fallout 4 for hackers footage

Misc. CNN calls Fake news equivalent to the N-Word

CNN ignores gas attack in favor of talking about chicken:

CNN says presidents health isn’t our concern

CNN Race Baiting

CNN says reading wikileaks is illegal

CNN blurs out “Donald Trump Shirt” of man of saved baby.

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CNN Audience member seen with piece of paper titled “your questions”

CNN reuses protestors sign

CNN says Illegal immigration isn’t illegal: